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Book Review

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JAMES Activities in 2002

No.18-2(2003) Special Issue: Middle East Studies from East Asia

Preface by KATO Hiroshi

The Opening Speech of the 4th AFMA Conference by Yang Guang

Program of the 4th AFMA Conference

Culture and Communication

  • MISAWA Nobuo
    "Relations between Japan and the Ottoman Empire in the 19th Century: Japanese Public Opinions about the Disaster of the Ottoman Battleship Ertugrul (1890)."

  • ANDO Junichiro
    "Japan's 'Hui-Muslim Campaigns'in China from the 1910's to 1945: An Introductory Survey."

  • MATSUMOTO Masumi
    "Sino-Muslims Identity and Thoughts during the Anti-Japanese War: Impact of the Middle East on Islamic Revival and Reform in China."

Political Relations

  • Byung Ock Chang
    "Korea's Foreign Policy toward the Middle East."

  • TATEYAMA Ryoji
    "The "Greater Middle East" as Security Complex."

  • Wang Jinglie
    "Crisis of Succession and Social Reform in Middle East Region."

  • Jeong-Min Seo
    "The Political Activities of the Egyptian Religious Institutions: The Co-ordination of Their Duties."

Economic Development and Energy Security

  • TAKEISHI Reiji
    "Possibilities of Industrial Diversification in the Middle East Countries: Challenges for FTA with Asian Countries."

  • Wu lei
    "Middle East Oil and East Asian Energy Security."

  • Pan Guang
    "The Middle East and China's Strategy for Overseas Energy Development."

  • Yin Gang
    "Building A Northeast Asian Energy Community?: Common Energy Security of Northeast Asian Countries and the Cooperation Mechanism."

    Report on the 4th AFMA Conference by MIURA Toru, NAGASAWA Eiji, USUKI Akira

    Outline of Asian Federation of Middle East Studies Associations (AFMA)