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Bibliographical Database of Middle East Studies in Japan (BDMEJ)

About this database
This database has been drawn up to provide information about research trends in the field of Middle Eastern studies in Japan, using financial support from 2003-2005, 2006 Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Research Progress Grants). The source of data for the database at present is a questionnaire survey on the members of the Japan Association for Middle East Studies.

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Database Producer: The Centre for East Asian Cultural Studies for UNESCO, The Toyo Bunko, Bibliography of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies in Japan

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General : Academic trends / Dictionary, Encyclopedia / Bibliography / Reference works, Current affairs, Collective works / Information science
Religion, Thought : Islam / Philosophy, Theology, Sufism / Shiites and other sects / Political, Economic and modern thought / Manicheism, Zoroastrianism / Christianity, Judaism / Buddhism
Geography : Geographical accounts, Travel journals / Environmental problems
History, Archeology : Pre-modern / Modern
Law : Islam / Modern
Politics : International relations / Ethnic problems
Economics : Finance / Mining and manufacturing industry / Transportation / Agriculture, Pasturage / Petroleum energy / International economy
Sociology, Anthropology : Labor and migration problems / Education, Family / Nomads, Rural studies / Religion, Brief and Veneration of Saints / Urban studies, Population / Feminism, Gender studies / Media communication / Sports, Recreation / Living / Regional studies
Arts : Architecture / Fine art / Music / Cinema, Drama / Dancing
Science, Technology : Plants and animals
Cultural Contact with Japan
Essays, Travel journals (contemporary)

Middle East, Central Asia, Arab, Egypt, Sudan, Maghrib, Andalus, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Arab Peninsula, Iran, Persia, Afghanistan, Turkey, The Balkans, Palestine, Israel, Caucasus, Tatars, the coast of the Caspian Sea, Pakistan, West Turkistan, East Turkistan, Southeast Asia, China, Japan

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